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I made subscription payment and yet I'm unable to submit my credentials.

Issues like this are easily resolved by the admin. Although this rarely happens but if it ever does, kindly write our customer service with evidence of the paystack receipt sent to your email.

I can't locate my account, please help.

Write support center with your login detail and evidence of your paystack subscription receipt.

I can't access the email account I used in subscribing. Please help

There's little we can do about this. You probably need to open a new email and subscribe again.

My brother/sister helped me to subscribe and now I can't claim the account.

When creating account by proxy, make sure the real name and information of the intended user is properly used.

I didn't not use my real name during registration. Now I can't find my account.

Please ensure that accounts are created with your correct and personal information. Any account whose real identity cannot be ascertained will be assumed fraudulent and thus, removed from the site.

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